-Christopher Morely
When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue- you sell him a whole new life.​


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Digi-Tall Media began in 1990, by me and our staff editing manuscripts for publishers and writers. We also were in the newspaper/media business for quite a number of years for fifteen newspapers. However, somewhere along the way, the Internet world changed the way media is perceived by the public. Proudly, we can state that some of our very first customers are still with us today and we are grateful for their loyalty.

By 1996, so many years had combined themselves with us having worked in a combination of areas such as editing, co-writing, screenplay writing, publishing, marketing, and advertising that it only seemed natural for Digi-Tall Media to continue editing and distributing media, as well as to become a separate publishing company meant to serve the public not wanting to self-publish. 

Digi-Tall Media produces/edits/formats and prints manuscripts/books that are being made print-ready for writers to submit to mainstream publishers, as well as screenplay producers. Our Digi-Tall products have had success in the following areas: HBO small film, Tabloids, Television, Radio (both live and Internet Blog) and Magazine/Press Releases/Newspaper advertising. Several of our screenplay treatments are being considered by those in the very top of the industry.

This past year, we quickly, but gently, stepped out head-first into the e-Book business and did everything possible to learn all Social Media skills, which added a great deal of fun to what we can do for authors. Digi-Tall Media is pleased to announce that some of the e-Books we are creating have implemented some of the highest technology on the market today. In short, if it is in the literary world – we either can do it – or we can find you the company/person that can.

Digi-Tall Media specializes in exporting media throughout the world. Our main partners are Entry Way Publishing, Poetry Highway, Shadow Wood Writing Studio, Amazon, Brandt Doubleday and Bookie Jar. The media being exported worldwide by Digi-Tall Media is: printed books published by Entry Way Publishing and other publishers and e-Book products published by Digi-Tall Media, Entry Way Publishing and Brandt Doubleday. Among the products outside of books that we offer are DVDs, CDs, promotional materials such as t-shirts, caps, pens/pencils and flash drives.

Please check out our services section and see if just the right package is there for you. Also if you need to work with us on a consultant type basis – our hourly rates range from $35/hr. to $125/hr. depending upon your needs. If you have a question, we encourage calls and are very willing to discuss the industry with those who are curious. 

Call 972-517-6513 and leave your name, number and what you’re curious about and we will have someone get back to you right away. Or, simply write us at editorshepherd@gmail.com.

Our motto is that we strive to help writers, artists, and creative people all over the world to become fully self-supportive through their own contributions. This allows people to work and live loving each and every day with pride and joy on their side.